About Gemma Louise

I am a fully qualified hairstylist experienced in all aspects of hairdressing. I previously worked for Daniel Gray hairdressing, an award winning local salon based in Kendal where I undertook and completed an extensive in-house training programme, supplemented by formal external NVQ training courses and commercial and corporate product evaluation and event days.

As an accredited L’Oreal cosmetic beautician and hairdresser, I have established a network and working relationship with many of the local hoteliers and wedding planners from commissions I previously undertook. On the Prices page of this site you will find details of my services and costs.

My Gallery also has a selection of styles that I have created and my aim is to provide you with the style and beauty to match the occasion.

MAC MakeupI use only the best materials for creating the required look and work with Mac and many other superior brands, including mineral products, which offer a softer tone and let your skin breathe.

If you have anything further you wish to ask or would like further information please click here and contact me using my enquiry form or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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